16 February 2008

This homework is hurting my head...

I really love being in school. I love everything about it. I love that it gives me individual purpose, other than being Danny's wife, Chloe, Mat, Jon and Gabbi's mom..... It helps to define me as me. There are so many things dealing with school that need to be done right now that I don't know how I am ever going to complete them all. I finally got our household bills caught up with our tax check and now it is time to renew school financing. Now they need verification and I have yet to choose my next classes... which doesn't really work out well... since that is usually gets me through the current block... looking forward to newer and more exciting things ahead. My nutrition homework is on dehydration... a 1750 word paper that is due tomorrow, I have started the research but all of it is so boring and I HATE boring papers. Seriously... anyway , back to work... and then my Ethnic Diversity paper... BLAH~