15 August 2008

So I have been informed that it has been entirely too long...

So I read over the last entry and noticed that it was a long... long... time ago. I am currently taking an Algebra 2 class that is just now starting to make sense again. I can't believe that I took this class 20 years ago and didn't have an issue with understanding and now, that I am paying attention and trying... I struggle. Go figure. The kids started back to school this week which is a prayer answered (thank you God). We are still struggling with bills but who in this country isn't. My husbands constant obcession is with moving to Perth Australia since he found out that he can make over four times what he is making now and do the same job. We got new family pictures taken in June before my oldest son left for boot camp, so I posted it... I miss him more than I can even describe. My oldest daughter has decided that she hates cheerleading this year after years and years of devoted practice, competitions and friends. She has not replaced it with anything other than this amazingly terrible attitude. I do hope this is just one of those stages that I always hear people talking about. Jonathan is determined to do much better in school this year as he is required a specific GPA in order to fulfill his plans...we will see, he always starts off well, it just doesn't last. Gabbi and Lexi are inseparable these days, I hope that is a good thing and they are not plotting new ways to get in trouble or determining the best ways to not get caught when they see one of the other kids get in trouble. I don't know how many more years of this teenagers thing I can do. For as much as I complain, they really are great kids. I don't know what I would do without them, my guess is make terrible cookies,lol. Board games just wouldn't be the same and I couldn't ever enjoy a scary movie again without making someone scream in the middle. Yes, they do serve a purpose, all of them. So I have updated for now and I will try as hard as I can to make sure that it isn't ever that long again.