23 September 2009

Okay, more stuff....

We leave for the cruise on Friday after school. Chloe moved back in because it took her exactly 3 weeks to get kicked out of her dad's house. No, she is not going with us, her attitude hasn't changed a bit. She is doing a runway show this weekend, playing in the powderpuff football game, going to homecoming and has a job interview on Monday, so she will be busy anyway. Jonathan has moved to Lafayette with his friend Kyle. This is good, I would rather know that he is safe and he is there. He did quit school which makes me VERY sad.... Mat has come home. I will have to post pictures of picking him up from the airport. He did get kicked out of the Army... long story for another time. He is living in Monticello, which means that we can talk whenever we want and that is a nice feeling. That is all for now. I will have a million more things to say when we get back I am sure. Love to all..... Suz

22 September 2009

some pics.... sort of.

My scanner is broken and I can't rip the entire ultrasound DVD to my computer, well because it has escaped me. But I can take stills of the video and I am posting them. You can really tell in the real pics and the video that he is very much a boy, but my pics didn't do that well at showing. I am exited to share Mr. Brenley's first pics with you though.
Brenley first picture
Brenley heartbeat
Brenley feet
Brenley foot
I just love little foot shots!!
Brenley head
Brenley butt
This last one he moved too quick but I took a picture with my camera of the ultrasound picture and I will post it. As I said, there is no mistaking his little boy bits.

02 September 2009

deep breath....in through the nose, out through the mouth...

It has been crazy busy again. Chloe moved in with her dad the day before school started. It has been a long time coming as many of you know. I still talk to her on a daily (or almost daily) basis. She seems to be doing better, which was the point... right? On the first day of school Jonathan came home, decided that he could no longer wait the few weeks until he turned 18 and packed his things... he also moved out and is staying with friends. I haven't heard from him directly which scares the crap out of me, but the girls see him daily at school and say that he seems to be doing well. The day after George died we lost Coco too. The vet thinks that perhaps they were poisoned. By the time I got Coco to the vet (less than an hour after she started seizing) he said that her internal body temp was 109 and that he was pretty sure that there wasn't anything that he could do. So here we are 2 weeks later.... with only one child at home and one dog. I have been crafting my fool head off. I always am this time of year. I can't wait to post some finished pics. I found a tutorial on the internet ( http://www.missgioia.com/2007/03/patchwork-cube-tutorial.html ) and I decided that it would be great for the baby shower in December. I am making the squares at 12" and it will be just shy of 3' cubed when I am done. I am working on the squares right now embroidering numbers and letters, colors and shapes... to eventually be used as a learning tool. We have decided (okay, you caught me, it was me) that cloth diapers are the way to go and so I have been sewing those and covers also. Gabbi has her ultrasound on September 11th and she will be 19 weeks already (doesn't seem possible, does it?). We have been holding our breath and hoping for a girl... or a boy, doesn't matter really as long as it is healthy. I have been taking pictures every week and will eventually get around to posting pictures again. Dad and Sandra came to visit and we had a great time. It didn't seem to last long enough, but it never does. Should probably get busy again, dishes to run through the dishwasher and a load of laundry to do ( I didn't realize how much easier it was with less people, lol.) . Love to you all, Suz