18 October 2009

I am a terrible blog poster....

I wish that there was more time in each day. Since my birthday I have been crafting my fool head off for the pending arrival. I have pictures that need posted from Danny's birthday on so I am aware that needs done, it is just another one of those things that takes time. Maybe there wouldn't have to be more time in the day if I could just work faster... sew faster, knit faster, crochet faster.... create faster. Yeah, I don't see it happening either. So I still need to paint Gabbi's room, well Gabbi and Brenley's room. We do have the colors picked out and I know where I am going with it, so that is always a plus. We have made several decisions and so the executing part is what is left. Gabbi and I have discussed breastfeeding, which she quickly agreed too ( YEAH!). And there is that cloth diapering thing that she has totally warmed up to after seeing all of the fantastic designs that are available (these are not your grandma's cloth diapers). And with cloth diaper decisions we came to covers, which we have been working up some amazing wool ones. You really should read all of the info out there... I barely have time to craft when I am so busy educating myself on what is best for the new little one. Oh and all of the choices are also making our whole carbon footprint so much less. That is one of my obsessive things. I really wish that I knew more people who loved to sew, knit and crochet just for the love of crafting because it is official, I have more than I will be able to finish in 3 and 1/2 months... (yes you read that right.... we are already at 24 weeks). I do have a sneak peak ( to the left) of what the wool longies I have been working on look like... (these are acrylic but you will get the general idea) and they will look big as I was making them to fit the specs of my friends baby who is 9 months. I figure that eventually I will need to make more than just newborn things, right? If I have any crafty volunteers please e-mail me at thewoodkefamily@hotmail.com and I can let you know what I need help with. Some of the patterns are mine (like the one above) and some I have found throughout this glorious craft encyclopedia that is the internet. I am planning the worlds cutest baby shower for December when the kids get out of school for break (since all of Gabbi's friends are still in school). I just hope that the renovations on the house are done by then, oh and that we get a couch since I donated ours to Mat's apartment and then he left the military and the couch didn't get to come back. We do need one, so I am just praying that one shows up before December so that we won't be having a pow-wow sitting in a circle on the floor kind of shower. Danny has started back to work but it isn't steady yet so we have been playing catch up with the bills and holding our breath that we will make it through any other periods of lay-off. Chloe' has been hired at Maurices at the mall and she LOVES it. She is so happy just to be there and it is just like shopping only she gets paid!! I am glad that she has found a happy place. (It is not always easy to do when you are 17). I am sure that there are a million more things that I need to write about but for now I must get busy.... half finished projects are calling my name. Love to all, Suz