23 September 2009

Okay, more stuff....

We leave for the cruise on Friday after school. Chloe moved back in because it took her exactly 3 weeks to get kicked out of her dad's house. No, she is not going with us, her attitude hasn't changed a bit. She is doing a runway show this weekend, playing in the powderpuff football game, going to homecoming and has a job interview on Monday, so she will be busy anyway. Jonathan has moved to Lafayette with his friend Kyle. This is good, I would rather know that he is safe and he is there. He did quit school which makes me VERY sad.... Mat has come home. I will have to post pictures of picking him up from the airport. He did get kicked out of the Army... long story for another time. He is living in Monticello, which means that we can talk whenever we want and that is a nice feeling. That is all for now. I will have a million more things to say when we get back I am sure. Love to all..... Suz