27 May 2009

Jury Duty...

In exactly 4 hours I will be at the court house for my very first jury duty experience. I am stoked really, which speaking to other people I have found is not a common emotion. The kids last day of school is today and then SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER... (I know that you are humming it now, lol). I only have one week and 5 days left of class. I can't believe how horrible the procrastination has gotten. I will be lucky to pass these classes with C's.... which is disappointing after how hard I have worked on the rest. I am taking classwork with me to the courthouse as I am sure to have plenty of time to work on it there. Chloe' has only one probation meeting left before release, and she will graduate from the treatment program on July 1st. July 22nd is her court date and she will be a free woman. She really has improved and we have been lucky that she was given this opportunity. The kids are looking forward to fishing, golfing, and going to Mississinewa all summer long. Dan and I walked up to the park this evening after stopping for ice cream to see if the pool was up and running. It was dark but the water looked beautiful. Can't wait for some of that either!!! So 12 days from now I am hoping that Dan has the roof back on so that we can go full force with the yard saleing.... I need to get this junk out of here. Well I guess I am going to go shower and do my hair... Love to you all!! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that my little brother did say something about coming down one day this week... Danny said that his clubs are ready when you are, lol. And one more thing, Momma's little Joe puppy is going in for surgury this morning, to get fixed... his little sweet face looked so sad when I saw him last I am sure that he knew.... it will be okay joe... we still love you!!