28 May 2009

Jury Duty Update...

Nothing ever really happens here so imagine my very pleasant surprise when it was an attempted murder trial. No I didn't get picked but I also didn't get any homework done because I was glued to the surroundings anticipating what was to happen next. 4 hours later I got dismissed as did the rest of the 75 people ordered to be there. Bummer!! Wil still hasn't shown up, Joe Joe is home and resting, surgury went well.... and the kids are crazy with excitment. So there you have it....11 days left. Love to all!!


The Penguin Family said...

So sorry you had your time wasted with jury duty. If it makes you feel better, one of my mentees shot and killed another one of my students and I got to be there when they picked bullets out of his brothers lungs. LOL It made me rethink the fun of being that close to action. But I still enjoy the crime shows. I must be a sadist.

Wil says we are coming on Saturday. We have to be here for Hannah's visitaton this afternoon and evening.

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