11 September 2008


There are several pros and cons to the children going back to school. School started here on August the 12th and so they are all fully back in the swing of things. This also means that today, being Thursday is the first day this week that none of my children are at home sick. I have been telling them to wash their hands every chance that they get and to try and be pro-active in fighting off illness.... why is it that this never works. Public schools are like these buildings full of germs... It is my hope that we will not have any more weeks like this for the entire rest of the school year. Unfortunatly we are only a month in and flu season is right around the corner. I wonder if I could talk them into wearing those silly face masks to school??!!??


Hodges Tropical Paradise said...

LOL. let me know if they will wear them. I have a full box I can ship to you.