09 January 2010

Okay, enough snow already....

Let me begin by saying, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! A new and fresh beginning, not just for me but for everyone. We usually hear of resolutions this time of year, and it takes just as long to break them as it does to say them. My resolution was to finish one project prior to starting another.... broken, of course. We started the studio.... and as Gabbi's due date got closer, we decided that it was more important to finish the space for her and the baby. Still not finished but it is a job that is quickly shaping up to be wonderfully perfect. I can't wait to post the finished pictures. Hopefully this will be before the pictures of the baby... Gabbi was accepted by Miracle Diapers, I can't even begin to express what a wonderful program this is. We have already posted about wanting to cloth diaper, and this not for profit sends a small stash to start low-income families. We have been working on cloth diapers and covers all through out, but it will be nice to be able to try different brands and find what works best for us. After Brenley out grows them we will send them back along with the ones that we have already collected. This will help other families too. We have also made reuseable wipes, (yes, they are wash rags) and reuseable breast pads. I love to be able to use the experience as a learning tool. Perhaps both of the girls will take this information into adulthood when they decide to have families.(Much later!!!!) Gabbi is home-schooling through BYU. Her father has agreed to help pay for it, (thank God)and it gives her the opportunity to work ahead and she may be able to graduate mid-term her senior year. That will also give her the opportunity to start college early. I have really been pushing the importance of education, for both her and Bren. Braxton is slowly trying to be responsible... it has been a long road. Matthew and Jonathan both visited over Christmas break. It was wonderful to see them both and they appear well. Chloe is still working quite a bit, and looking forward to graduation. She hasn't talked to her dad lately but she tries everyday.... Here is hoping that this year proves better than any so far. Love to you and your families.... <3 Suz


mommyto3monkeys said...

HERE. kidding.

That's GREAT she was approved for Miracle diapers, that program is AWESOME!!! I just love that you're doing cloth. it makes me happy inside!!!
<3 you. Can't wait to see the room!!

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