24 July 2009


Yes, my daughter is pregnant
Yes, she is only 14
Yes, I am upset because she has no idea of how this will change her life
Yes, we will make it through this
Yes, it will be hard and we will need help
Yes, the timing is bad (economically)
Yes, she went to her OB/GYN appointment today
Yes, the baby is doing well and we heard the heartbeat
Yes, I let Gabbi and Braxton spend as much time together as possible
Yes, I am aware everyday how much this sucks

No, I am not going to treat her like she is a bad person and punish her (she does that to herself already). I was hoping for support, I don't need reminded of how crappy the situation is.... I am reminded often enough. Those of you who can't get past the situation and on to being supportive and helpful are not welcome to comment.... We don't need it.