15 June 2009

June Celebrations!!!

making cupcakes
The girls preparing the cupcakes... (You will need to click on the pictures, they are always too big, sorry)
thank you Gabbi and Destiny!!
The yellow daisies.... yummy.... lemon
The pink pionies..... yummy.... cherry
Happy Graduation
Happy Graduation to ME!!! I am now the proud owner of an AAHCA!!
Happy Anniversary Wil and Bess
Happy 2nd anniversary Wil and Bess!!! May your love continue to grow each and every day.
Happy Birthday Bess
Happy Happy Birthday to you Miss Bess!!!
Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing fathers in my life!
Happy Birthday Dan
and Happy Birthday to the love of my life!! May the fishing and golfing that you do this summer be a constant reminder of how important you are to our family and that you are loved and appreciated!!

thank goodness that June only happens once a year, lol!!
Much love to all!!!