10 April 2009

Little Update

Well, we bought the Love Dare with the understanding that we were going to DO it.... over a week ago. I can't do this alone, or the marriage.... I wish that we were partners again.

In other news, I completed my finals in finance and psychology, and the final grade was an "A" in Finance (thank you Wil) and a "B" in Psychology. I know why I got that grade, it was completely my fault. I got overwhelmed one week and skipped a 100 point paper... but luckily I did well on the rest of them so it worked out. I still have a 3.81 GPA and only 8 weeks and 2 days left. If there is senioritis to be had, I am having it. The sociology class and communications class that I am taking now are REALLY easy but the homework still hast to be done.... (COME ON SUZ<>>> THE END IS IN SIGHT) lol.

Chloe made the A&B honor roll (Go Chloe) and actually there were NO F's on this report card for anyone!!! WOOT WOOT!! I know that may sound bizarre but we have had that problem in the past. Jonathan had 4 A's and 2 D's (Lack of homework disapline, I wonder how that happened) and Gabbi has 2 A's, 1 B, 3 C's and a D.... she forgot her pill a couple of days in there.

Our roof is still leaking in the kitchen but in all fairness, it is STILL cold out. I wish that it would just make up it's mind to be spring.

I received my giant tomato and rainbow pepper plants today, I will be planting them indoors tomorrow and then I should have a huge crop this year since we bought better plants.

I have lost 7 pounds so far on this diet but the lack of flavor is killing me, so I am going to try to tweek it a little so that it is tollerable. Mom has lost over 10.... BRAT!!! But we are sticking with it NO MATTER WHAT!! I love love love my treadmill!! It is amazing, the Wii fit is working out just splendid as well. I have been spending many hours with them both.

I still haven't finished Easter baskets which puts me at crunch time since they need to be "delivered" on Sunday. Actually I haven't had time to craft a darn thing.... I think that time should just multiply and give me some space. Spring cleaning is lurking everywhere and we have a million things that need listed on Ebay. If anyone needs ANYTHING, I am sure that we have 2, so just let me know. Oh and I have boxes of baby clothes that were gifts that never got sent and now are too small if anyone needs them, LOL!!!

Chloe is preparing for prom next weekend and let me just say I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. She has done so well in everything since she got in trouble and has turned her life around. Back to where she was ... a couple of years ago when she still loved me... I have been so excited and proud and I just know that if she keeps it up she will be the amazing and sucessful woman that we all know that she can be... with this being said I know what goes on at, around and after prom and this presents too many opportunities for slip ups.... Please pray that she keeps her head about her and we have no new issues to resolve.

To look forward to this next week..... I am goint to a designer purse party. Any of you who REALLY know me know that this is a WEAKNESS... I wonder if there will be matching shoes available, LOL!!!

Love to you all.... XOXOXO


Hodges Tropical Paradise said...

Sounds like the diet is going great. I am proud of you for sticking with it.

The Penguin Family said...

I laughed when I read your line about you can't do it alone. Your dad probably did too because he heard me say that not too long ago. You actually can do the Love Dare alone. It still works and it still impacts your marriage in positive ways.

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