04 December 2008

i almost forgot about the waiting....

Considering the fact that two weeks ago I celebrated my youngest childs 14th birthday and today... well, yesterday here, I celebrated my oldest childs 19th birthday I think it is a fair assumption that enough time has passed that I would forget. My best friend Mysti has been talking about having just one more baby since I met her. It has been a bumpy couple of years, some really low points that will never be forgotten and a whole lot of waiting.... So here we are, again tonight... waiting. If I had wings I would fly out to stand by her bedside so that she wasn't waiting without me... but I can't and so I wait here. Some time between now and morning a long awaited bundle will arrive... and I hope to get to share this news with you in the morning. I am praying for you, Mysti and Sawyer, Jeremy and the kids and my thoughts are forever with you. May God bring Mr Sawyer into the world with no complications so that we may be able to enjoy every minute.... every smile, laugh... everything. Until I get the call... I will be waiting.